Wedding Party Gifts, Some Tips From Us.

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Let's face it your wedding is getting expensive, when you set your budget you accounted for all the main things, dress, car, hall and on and on.... but as you get further into planning your big day there are lots of people who without their help you would be more stressed and a lot less organised.

I bet most brides mums have contributed a lot of time and effort to make sure you have the best day, then there is your bestie the maid of honour giving her very valued shoulder to cry on when it all get to much, and the list goes on bridesmaids, flower girls, how about dad how grey is he over the whole event....

You will want some gift to show you have appreciated all the work and effort everyone around has put in to your big day. All of this sounds expensive maybe you have not budgeted for any of this unexpected cost. But don't worry, most people don't want something expensive, they all understand how costly a wedding is,

It is always a good idea to write a list of all the people who have give you the most help, Lots are obvious and you have probable invited almost all of them. There will be a place in your day when you have to thank all the direct helpers, probably after the speeches is quite normal. This is when most of you gifts will be handed out.

So what should you spend on your gifts for all your helpers? We've got some tips

First What’s Your Overall Budget?

Yes you could spend a lot, how many are on your list? So do you sort it in order of importance then you have the problem of offending some people you just wanted to do something nice for if you spend to little. this is always a problem.

If you have a huge wedding budget to play with it is always easy to buy things and it is easy to spend a fortune, but the best gifts don't have to cost the earth.

So have a little think what to buy. A Thank you card? 

A Lovely thank you card and with the right words makes everyone go ah, but ultimately costs around £3 to £5 and just ends up in the bin. So gifts for around a fiver that won't go in the bin, pretty hard to think about. A lot of our products can be reused and are quite practical and they can be printed with your words, and this won't go in the bin, in fact every time the person uses this they will think about your day and what fun it was.

If you are giving to an adult, how about a wine bottle bag, paired with a nice bottle of Prosecco around £10 total this is now getting into a seriously good gift. 

I know you are sat there reading this rolling your eyes thinking 'yeh but you sell all this stuff,' but think about it what is a good gift, often it is the words that make the difference to people, a nice gift is something given with thought and it comes with the correct sentiment, then this is always very well received.


The robes we have could be a great little gift, something they can have all year round, and if you are crafty you can still get your fab wedding morning photos. We can print anything you like onto the robes, if you just want a name on the front and back thats fine, you can still have great getting ready pictures and if you give then out as a thank you in the morning they still have a nice gift with their names printed onto there robes.


What Would You Want?

Before purchasing any gift, consider how much you’ve asked your girls to spend, do they have to buy thier dresses. Would you like it? Would you use it?  Is it a wedding memento gift or could it last after the wedding?


Was It Well-Thought-Out?

Whether the gift is £5 or £50, your girls will know if it truly came from the heart. Spend time on this decision and get the gifts with time to spare, so nothing is last minute. Regardless of how much you spend, your bridal posy will appreciate a well-thought-out gift more than anything. So if you are buying a personalised gift think of the sentiment behind the words you are using and make it as specific to the recipient as you can.

Once you figure out how much you can spend, its time to look for some gifts. Most importantly, keep in mind that a gift from the heart means more than just pound notes, and that these are your best friends or family to stand by you on your special day. Good Luck....

 Check out some of these wedding gifts here.


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