I thought it would be good to do a little on the prints we offer in silver and gold, this effect is mainly used on the wedding robes, but this is on some of our other products.

We do get asked if it is raised or a vynal print transfer, but surprisingly it is not, this is a flat print.

This 'effect' does give a good looking print and will be reproduce as you see it on the screen, obviously allowing for slight colour reproductions across different types of monitor or screen.

On the robes people are looking for something a little different, classy or to fit in with a colour scheme they may have for the wedding, grey has been a very popular colour this year (2016) for weddings, but the silver effect will never go out of style.

The gold effect will give the same amount of detail as the silver when printed, this gives a good contrast when printed onto the white or ivory colour robes.

​We do get asked to print this effect onto the coloured robes, this does work on some of the lighter colours but the dark robes this will not work at all, as the silver effect would 'take up' some of the colour from the dark robe so would not be very visible in your photos. We always recomend a dark colour so this will stand out. If you do choose the hot pink, we would only recomend a black print any other colour would get lost, and you would be disapointed with the print for your photo's.

If you have any question about the print colour please contact us here using the contact form or on 01752 514159 for more info....