Cotton Sack

Cotton Sack

These Cotton Bags In Sizes will proved really useful

Personalised Cotton Draw String Bags

These cotton bags will proved really useful for storing any items you don't want to loose....or lots of small items, such as children's / toddler toys, puzzles pieces, animal figures, storage of handbags, shoes, and anything else you can think of endless uses.

Give them as a Party & Goody Bags filled with small gifts such as chocolates, or novelty's, for birthdays, wedding favours

The bags come in lots of sizes the largest  49 cm by 75 cm down to the smallest at 10 cm x 15 cm. Would highly recommend for storage of any small items, they keep everything nice, tidy and neat and are an alternative storage system to a box, definitely does the job and will take up less room,

Add your personalisation message to the box provided on the product page, use the other box for anything else you feel we should know to personalise, then just wait for the post.... 

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Personalised Christmas Santa Present Gift Sack. Natural Cotton Drawstring Stuff Bag,

Christmas Sack.A Personalised Natural Cotton Christmas Sack. 100% natural cotton, with a natur..

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