New Colour Robes

09/03/2017 0 Comment(s)

Hot pink mother of the bride robeThe Colour robes we have on offer are fab, just like the ivory and white, the same style but in a more varied colour range.


You can now have Dark blue, Purple, Black, Hot Pink.

We have added these colour so you can have more choice, lots of brides love the contrasting colours, you can now choose a different colour for all your wedding party.


Your Bridesmaids can be in a nice pink with the mum's in a lovely dark blue and of course the bride in white or ivory.

The morning photos will be spectacular.


The dark colours we are offering with more simplified designs, just a wedding role on the back with some simple decoration where offered, and a matching name on the front of the robe if you want it.


The print look is achieved by using quite a delicate filament of silver or gold effect cut sheet. As the robes are a light garment you cannot have a heavy vinyl as the material will be pulled and feel stiff in the area of the print, so we have chosen a very light thin material as a solution to this.


It is very light weight but looks fantastic against the material of the robe. The silver and gold is shiny and has a slight texture when applied to the robe.


If you order these you will not be disappointed. We hope you enjoy the new robes.

Have a very happy wedding day.

Regards Inspiredcreativedesign.


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